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SAPPER version 12.01.
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SAP 2012 calculation software for worksheet 9.92
Sapper version 12.01 is now approved by BRE for ratings, DER and TER, FEE and Target FEE and Heat Demand calculations for England and Wales Building Regulations compliance. It is also approved for use in Scotland to show compliance with the Technical Standards Section 6 f. English, Scottish and Welsh SAP reports can be lodged by Quidos accredited users

(£150 for existing users upgrading) (no VAT)
plus £150.00 annual licence charge after first year.
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Free version is fully functional but will not print the reports. Can easily be converted to full version

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Advantages in using Sapper version 12.01
  1. Deals with extensions and over-glazed extensions.
  2. Includes Dewpoint U-value calculator with condensation prediction.
  3. Intuitive, easy to use and accurate.
  4. Selects region by postcode. Address lookup easy to use.
  5. Automatically checks status of Product Characteristics Data File(PCDF), and downloads a new one if required.
  6. Produces Predicted Energy Assessment.
  7. Allows selection of heatpump for DHW only.
  8. Allows selection of Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems from PCDF.
  9. Allows selection of Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems from PCDF.
  10. Allows selection of community heating networks from PCDF.
  11. Allows selection of some heating controls from PCDF.
What's new in SAP 2012? There have been many changes in SAP 2012, some of which are to make the calculation more accurate, and some to make the system more flexible, enabling a variety of new and existing technologies to be included.
  1. climatic data has been extended to allow calculation to use regional weather data based on region or postcode.
  2. an allowance for height above sea level is incorporated in the external temperature data.
  3. carbon emission factors, fuel prices and primary energy factors have been extensively revised.
  4. options for heat losses for primary pipework have been extended
In England and Wales the SAP is consistent with the 2013 Building Regulations which have introduced new indicators for compliance, namely the calculations of Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency and Target Fabric Efficiency. For Scotland the calculations are consistent with Technical Handbook 2015, Domestic, Section 6, with the TER parameters depending on the fuel used for main heating.
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