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Acoustics program for calculating acoustic properties of rooms.
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About Acoustics
The sound experienced in a room consists of the sound which travels directly from the source to the receiver, and the sound waves which have been reflected from the room surfaces. The characteristics of both of these components are heavilly influenced by the acoustic properties of the surface materials with which it comes into contact.

The time taken for sound to die away is known as the reverberation time and is dependent on the total room absorption and the room volume. There are 2 formulae used. Sabines formula for rooms up to 1000 cu.m. and the Norris-Eyring formula for larger spaces.

Part E of the Building Regulations sets out the absorption required in common areas of buildings containg dwellings and rooms for residential purposes. Method B requires a minimum absorption of 0.25 x volume(cu.m.) for corridors and hallways, and for entrance halls 0.2 x volume (cu.m.)

This Acoustics program features to following :

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