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Sapper version 12.01.x for SAP 2012 is now approved by BRE for DER/TER/FEE/TFEE calculations in England and Wales, and for checking compliance with Scottish Section 6 for warrants after 1st October 2015.

Sapper version 9.03.0 for SAP 2009 is approved by BRE for ratings/DER/TER calculations and for the issue and lodgement EPCs Sapper version 9.03.0 will also deal with over-glazed house extensions using the whole house comparative carbon emissions method as ADL1b, Northern Ireland Technical Booklet F1 and compensatory approach as Scots Section 6.2.9.

Free versions available. Discounts for existing users upgrading.

Other really useful software programs include Dewpoint U-value calculation and condensation risk prediction software, Photovoltaics Solar PV energy calculation software based on SAP2005 Appendix M, Windpower Wind turbine energy calculation software based on SAP2005 Appendix M and Rads for heat loss calculations and radiator sizing, written by an architect to help architects and other members of the building team. The software is constantly under review and feedback from users is welcome.

All RUSFA software will run in Windows XP, Vista, Windows,Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

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