Request for U-value calculation


You can make a request for a U-value calculation by describing the construction layers on this form and clicking the submit button. The cost of the calculation is 20.00. You will be invoiced for this amount and the calculation will be sent on receipt of payment.
The calculation will be done in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946 using Dewpoint program.
You can go off-line to complete these details, or you may wish to print this form and send details with payment by post.

Telephone number
E-mail Address
Select which describes the element type best

Please give the information about the construction, remembering that layers number from the inside.
The more detail you can give the better. If the material is insulation between timbers, please give width and centres of timbers.
If the layer consists of an air space, please say if it is ventilated or not, e.g. ventilated loft space, cavity in cavity wall, unventilated air space. An air space requires a thickness unless it is large like a loft space.
If an insulation layer is perforated by fastenings, please give number of fastenings per sq.m., cross sectional area and material.

Layer Thickness and description

If the element is a floor, the following information will be required. You can deal with the whole floor or room. Whole floor is probably the best way.
Exposed perimeter(m)
Floor area(sq.m.)
Thickness and details of wall at ground level(mm)
Select soil type

If the floor is a suspended floor with a void under, then the following information is required
Height of floor surface above ground level(mm)
Depth of void below ground level(mm)
Details of walls to void below the ground
Select ventilation to underfloor space
Select degree of exposure

If the floor is a solid floor against the ground the please give the following information about any edge insulation. (It is assumed that anti cold bridge insulation is provided)
Width of horizontal /depth of vertical insulation(mm)
Thickness(mm) and details of edge insulation

If the element to calculate involves heat transfer through an unheated space, then more information is required as follows. Examples of unheated spaces include garage, access corridor, conservatory, unheated loft space, external store, etc. If the calculation is for a roof with an unventilated loft space with insulation at rafter level, the loft space now has to be treated as an external unheated space.
Description of unheated space
Total area of components between internal environment and the unheated space
Volume of unheated space (cu.m.)
Ventilation of unheated space (air changes/hr))
Total area of components between the unheated space and the external environment
Details of construction of components between the unheated space and the external environment
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